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Dr. René Föhring

Dr. René Föhring

Head of Product Development @5MindsIT, Open Source Maintainer and Conference Speaker. „Overcoming the odds“ is both my favorite hobby and my day job.

The Token Approach for Architecting Flow in Elixir

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Using Metaprogramming for Architecting Flow in Elixir

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Credo: Looking at 1.0 and beyond

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Advanced Techniques for Architecting Flow in Elixir

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Should I Use `with` or `|>` for Architecting Flow in Elixir Programs?

What's the better approach to implement a simple Mix task: using pipes or with? read ~>

Architecting Flow in Elixir Programs: An Introduction

In open source and business, getting the "flow" of a program is regularly the first thing you need to do. read ~>