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Dr. René Föhring

Dr. René Föhring

Head of Product Development @5MindsIT, Open Source Maintainer and Conference Speaker. „Overcoming the odds“ is both my favorite hobby and my day job.

Credo turns 5

Credo's initial release was five years ago today! read ~>

Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam 2019

Last week I finally made it to Amsterdam! read ~>

Code BEAM Lite Berlin 2019

Last friday I talked at Code BEAM Lite Berlin for the second time! read ~>

Guest on the Smartlogic Podcast

Smartlogic interviewed me on my work on Credo and in Open Source in general. read ~>

ElixirStatus turns 4 years old

The ElixirStatus/ElixirWeekly platform provides news for Elixir programmers. read ~>

Credo v1.1.0 released

Plugins are finally coming to the Credo ecosystem! read ~>