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ElixirConf: Architecting Flow in Elixir

Last week, I was fortunate enough to give my first talk at ElixirConf US.

After speaking at ElixirConf EU, I have submitted a proposal to ElixirConf US for the last couple of years. After three rejections, I finally got accepted as a speaker.

The talk has been published on YouTube:

This was the first time that I spoke on a general programming topic at a conference (instead of talking about one of my open source projects).

Travelling to the US was exciting, the hotel was really nice and a great venue for the conference. During the trainings and the conference, I had the pleasure to talk to so many fellow Elixir enthusiasts. It is always amazing to travel and meet people excited about the same things you are.

Then, at the first day of the conference, I was finally giving my talk. Giving this talk was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. The response has been both overwhelming and deeply humbling. Thanks to everyone who attended the talk and my apologies to those who had to stand in the hallway while listening!

I am looking forward to ElixirConf next year!

P.S.: I got myself this nice souvenir, which reminds me of the great time I had 😁 ☕