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ElixirStatus is 2 years old!

ElixirStatus is two years old now. 🎁 🎉

This was my first “complete” Phoenix project, and while it is a trivial app, I am still amazed how it keeps running, humming away like an old diesel engine, doing its job for those who find it useful.

When ElixirWeekly celebrated its first birthday a couple of weeks ago, I wrote:

The Elixir community is growing and, while some would like to see an explosion in popularity akin to JavaScript, I really like to watch the steady but unstoppable progress we are achieving together.

All the tools are maturing, getting better, gaining focus and, while all the numbers are growing, the community is staying healthy and solving real problems in the real world using our favorite programming language.

Wow. It’s been a whole year. Time has flown.

It’d like to emphazise the same for ElixirStatus and give some numbers as well:

Another observation: Lots of people are subscribing on Twitter and then unsubscribe a week later. The dense information flow ElixirStatus has to offer is special in that you get a raw feed of new projects and ideas from the community. It is understandable that this kind of tweet stream can be overwhelming, annoying even.

ElixirStatus is not for everyone and that is ay-okay! But despite this quirkiness, the community still managed to double its reach. This is great, because this means the interest in Elixir is growing.

Not with the kind of stratospheric JavaScript-like growth some had hoped for, but rather a healthy, sustainable rate to grow the Elixir community around the right ideas and problems.

I’m proud to be a part of this.

Wow. It’s been two years already. Time has flown indeed.