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Leaving Neopoly

Friday has been my last day at Neopoly after being with the company for 16 years. I am 33 years old now, which means that I have been with them for literally half my life - I did not know my first girlfriend when I started this job, nor did I have a driver’s license or a high school diploma.

During my time there I learned so much professionally, but also went through my formative years as a young person. I am still impressed by all the things we accomplished together, the long nights coding, the experiences we created and provided to our customers, the friendships we formed and the lessons we learned.

The biggest of which I owe to @splattael, who introduced me to the world of Open Source, GitHub and the importance of reading (and working with) other people’s code. Without him and Neopoly’s support I would not have started the projects people are giving me so much credit for today.

And the little parting present they got me could not have been more thoughtful :)

Thank you, @neopoly!