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ElixirStatus celebrates first birthday, introduces ElixirWeekly

TL;DR ElixirStatus is one year old now and recently launched a weekly email newsletter about Elixir & Phoenix. It’s called ElixirWeekly.

After I created Credo in late 2015 I was occupied with other things, but ElixirStatus - then six months old - kept running, humming away like an old diesel engine. I also had my mind elsewhere for most of this year, but don’t think for a second that this project isn’t dear to my heart.

ElixirStatus is where I started to “get real”, creating more than just scripts or add-ons in Elixir, but starting a real project instead. While my girlfriend travelled Indonesia during the summer of 2015, I got to traverse the depth of Elixir with a real goal and a complete vision for an end-product the first time. This is my original Elixir project, this is where I learned the ins and outs of Phoenix and where I discovered the endless patience this community has with a newbie in its ranks, often answering questions well beyond Elixir, Erlang and OTP.

One year later, you can finally subscribe to all things Elixir via ElixirWeekly, a newsletter which sums up a week of Elixir every thursday.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the site, whether you’ve signed up recently or are one of the mythical beta testers who started posting to the site alongside myself during its beta phase last summer.

I am thrilled to meet some of you at ElixirConf!

P.S. I know this sounds like marketing savvy hyperbole, but there are great things ahead for ElixirStatus. The introduction of categories and the recent addition of ElixirWeekly as a third channel to subscribe to the community (next to Twitter and RSS) are just the start.