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ElixirStatus & ElixirWeekly: A community success story

ElixirStatus is old by Elixir standards (started pre-1.0 both in terms of Elixir and Phoenix) and will be celebrating its first birthday soon. Over the last year, the service has become a stable source of community announcements around projects, blog posts and version updates.

The big difference to more forum-like formats is that ElixirStatus caters to the people creating stuff as well as interested Elixir enthusiasts who want to here about new blog posts and libraries directly from the creators themselves.

It provides a steady stream of news generated by those creators. As such, it is sometimes a bit hard to follow. And although this is my baby, I have a hard imagining people are actually going to the frontpage of ElixirStatus just to scroll back one or two weeks, sit down with a cup of coffee and simply read up on what’s happened the last 7-14 days.

But I firmly believe there are people who would like to consume ElixirStatus in a way like this; not drinking from a firehose, but more like a magazine subscription.

This is where ElixirWeekly comes in: You get one nice email per week, with everything posted to ElixirStatus plus some (like Podcasts, Videos of talks, etc.).

It is really too early to tell, but I have a gut feeling that this newsletter will become a great addition to our nice little community! Like always, I will share some insights and numbers after 2-3 months. Issue #2 will be out on Thursday!