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ElixirConf.EU: The roof is on fire!

I had the pleasure to give a talk about Credo at this year’s ElixirConf.EU in Berlin. It was an amazing experience, with the first day culminating in a memorable rooftop party with old and new #elixirfriends.

Thank you all for two fantastic days full of interesting discussions and great talks (and lightning talks, oh my … I was really sad they were only 5 minutes long and at the same time impressed how much the speakers put into that short timeframe). The hallways were filled with equal levels of laughter, excitement and humble levels of strong confidence.

Everything that impressed me about this community online is even more impactful in person. As the adrenalyn is slowly wearing off, I try to sort all these impressions and new ideas in my head. Just one thing is crystal already: I can’t wait to meet even more of you nice people in September!

P.S.: The slides of my talk are now on SpeakerDeck as well: