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Elixir Carnival

Right now there is a yearly celebration taking place where I live called “Fasching” or simply “Carnival”. People dress up as all kinds of persons, like pirates, tussis, sailors or ladybug couple with an age difference. I know, Germans, right? ;-)

In a way this coming week is also going to be my personal “Elixir Carnival” as I plan to dress up to look like a serious member of the Open Source community, release a bunch of software and even give a talk about it in the end.

I would like to share this now, because I owe all of this to a very supportive and welcoming community of fellow Alchemists, but there will hardly be time to write an appropriate blog post next week.

So, here we go:

Since there are things like day job emergencies and family life to account for, some of these might happen a day later, but the above represents the overall plan for the week.

Let me finish with the original intent of this post: Saying Thank you! to everyone who has been along for the ride. I could not imagine more fulfilling side projects and both the Elixir and Ruby communities have been so supportive over the last 2 years. It really means something to me.

Thank you!

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