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ElixirStatus: Add your Twitter handle

This past week a blog post by @mindreframer shared via elixirstatus.com sparked a lot of controversy and debate on Twitter. Multiple people mentioned and replied to the tweet that @elixirstatus sent out.

This got me thinking: Wouldn’t it be better if the original poster could be part of that conversation? I mean, the topic/the discussed post was a pretty opinionated piece (on /r/elixir someone even asked for it to be taken down by the moderators), but instead of condemning unpopular, misguided and even faulty opinions, shouldn’t we build our tools to facilitate discussion and education?

With this in mind: You can now add your Twitter handle to your ElixirStatus profile and it will be tweeted after the title of your post.


Credo 0.2.4 released! http://elixirstatus.com/=D0O8 #elixirlang


Credo 0.2.4 released! by @rrrene http://elixirstatus.com/=D0O8 #elixirlang

This way when people hit “Reply”, the original author will be among the ones notified and can join the conversation.

I think this is a great feature, proposed by the community months ago.