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Let's keep an eye on those deps

I guess we are all finishing up work in our day jobs and preparing for the christmas holidays. It is that magical time of the year … where you have to get that last thing done for a client before X-Mas. More excitingly, I’ve read several tweets from people planning to read up on Elixir over the holidays, calling these their “holiday projects”.

So here’s my “Elixir holiday project”: Building a service to watch your Hex dependencies, so you never miss an important update to a package you use or watch again. There are already services like this for other languages, namely Ruby, which can serve as an inspiration and I think we can even improve one or two things about the whole experience.

This will be a fun exercise in both UI+UX and infrastructure and I think that this - if done right - can be a nice utility for the community.

(badges, right?)

Since most of us will be on various “family and friends” outings for the foreseeable future, I put up a teaser page and you can sign up for HexFaktor.org now, so you don’t miss its launch next year!