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Inch CI: Year One

It’s actually been a year since I posted the official annoucement post. Wow. One year of Inch CI. One Year and two weeks that is, actually.

Erik found Inch CI before I had the courage to tell the world and tweeted this:

I was always (secretly) hoping for a known Rubyist like @sferik to talk about my little side project and help me spread the word. But always be carful what you wish for … Early adopters where flowing in over the next couple of days, and I was forced to jump in at the deep end, so to speak, to iron out the most obvious glitches.

Everything panned out. One year ago, the idea of “yet another badge” seemed bold, at best, and yet today this little fella can be found all over GitHub:

Inline docs

It has been an amazing experience so far.

Inch CI serves badges for over 1,100 open source projects. It finally supports HTTPS, got a redesign and saw the introduction of Elixir and JavaScript support.

The first big “Thank you” goes out to the really early supporters of Inch, namely @splattael, @solnic, and @jodosha.

A special thanks to Brandon, for this tremendously motivational reply:

“Inch pushed me to write inline docs for the first time.” - now that’s street cred.

To the community and the early adopters of Inch: I can’t thank you enough for all the encouragement, constructive feedback, tweets and PRs!

What an amazing journey.