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Introducing tipsy.hovercard UPDATE

tipsy.hovercard provides twitter-like hovercards for tipsy, the facebook-styled tooltip plugin for jQuery.

You can get/browse the source code at http://github.com/rrrene/tipsy.hovercard

Dependencies are jQuery and tipsy.

Check GitHub for installation instructions. Be sure to provide jQuery >= 1.4 and the tipsy plugin as well.

You can then use it like this:

<a href="some.html" rel="tipsy" title="tipsy tooltip">
  example link

<a href="some.html" rel="hovercard"
    title="A tipsyHoverCard<br>(you can hover)">
    Hovercard example

<a href="some.html" rel="hovercard"
    title="loading..." data-url="some_info.html">
    Hovercard w/ AJAX Flavour

  jQuery(function ($) {

UPDATE: tipsy.hovercard is now a Bower component

UPDATE 2: Just added a demo site for further illustration.