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I had the immense pleasure and fortune to give a couple of talks in recent years.


Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam: Credo: Your Team’s Robot Mentor

In November 2019, I had the opportunity to speak at CBL Amsterdam about Credo's new plugin system.

Code BEAM Lite Berlin: Credo: Origins

In October 2019, I was invited to speak at CBL Berlin again, this time about Credo's Origin (no video, unfortunately).

Elixir Cologne: Inch - Documentation analysis for Ruby and Elixir

In August 2019, I gave a talk at the Cologne Elixir meetup about different approaches to documentation analysis (no video, unfortunately).

IT-Visions Infotag 2019: Prozessbasiert Programmieren

In April, I gave a talk about Process-driven Architecture and BPMN (in german; no video, unfortunately)


Code BEAM Lite Berlin 2018: Inch: How Elixir 1.7 changed the rules for documentation analysis

ElixirConf 2018: Architecting Flow in Elixir From Leveraging Pipes to Designing Tokens

EnterJS 2018: JavaScript und BPMN: Denken, Malen, Messen

Talk about BPMN and JavaScript (in german; no video, unfortunately)


HH.ex: ElixirStatus & ElixirWeekly

In November 2016, I gave a talk at the Hamburg Elixir meetup (HH.ex) about ElixirStatus & ElixirWeekly (no video, unfortunately).

RuhrJS 2016: InchJS: How to get people excited about inline docs

ElixirConfEU 2016: Credo - Analysing AST for Fun and Profit

Elixir.Ruhr: Good Tooling Educates

In February 2016, I gave a talk at the Elixir.Ruhr meetup about Credo (no video, unfortunately).


EuRuKo 2015: René Föhring - One Inch at a Time