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Dr. René Föhring

Dr. René Föhring

Software Manager and Technologist, Open Source Maintainer and Conference Speaker. Solving puzzles is both my favorite hobby and my day job.

Guest on Elixir Wizards

Elixir Wizards interviewed me on my Elixir work. read ~>

Thoughts On Open Source

A small post to get something off my chest. read ~>

Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam 2019

Last week I finally made it to Amsterdam! read ~>

Code BEAM Lite Berlin 2019

Last friday I talked at Code BEAM Lite Berlin for the second time! read ~>

Guest on the Smartlogic Podcast

Smartlogic interviewed me on my work on Credo and in Open Source in general. read ~>

ElixirStatus turns 4 years old

The ElixirStatus/ElixirWeekly platform provides news for Elixir programmers. read ~>