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Credo: Looking at 1.0 and beyond

As José Valim eloquently put it:

Credo is not going to be able to run away from 1.0 for much longer :)

And he’s probably right 😅

Credo is nearly 2.5 years old and is probably the piece of work I am most proud of as an open source developer. Seeing it being adopted by so many people and eventually getting to the magical v1.0 in the coming months is pretty amazing.

So, without further ado …

What’s missing for 1.0?

The short answer is: nothing much.

v0.9 was released a week ago and contains all the features v1.0 should have. I am anxious to see what things will be built on top of the new JSON output.

Please report anything you find missing from the JSON output, so we can provide more value to editor integrations and other Credo-dependent pieces of software.

Development on v1.0 is steady, and with nearly a hundred contributors and just some known bugs left, you can expect a release candidate in the coming months 😎

What’s coming after 1.0?

That said, this also seems like a good time to look ahead and present a kind of “Credo Roadmap” for 2018.

After shipping v1.0, we should focus on improving Credo’s user experience.

The following aspects seem particularly relevant:

Hopefully, this list provides some context on where Credo is going. As always: None of this is set in stone. People have always given input to Credo’s direction and the roadmap has changed more than once in the past.

So don’t be shy: You can propose features and report bugs on GitHub!