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InchEx 0.3.0 released

I was a fan of the mix hex.docs task since it was first introduced. I liked the simplicity of the process and even wrote a blog post about automating it.

Elixir on Inch CI was another story:

Up until now, getting Elixir projects up and running was a bit of a hassel.

You had to configure Travis to report the exaluation to Inch CI and then wait for the two services to finish talking to each other before you could view your project page (the URL of which you had to guess). Then, you had to find out how to get your badge, see suggestions etc. yikes

This ends today, with the release of InchEx 0.3.0.

You can now add your Elixir project to Inch CI by typing

$ mix inchci.add

This adds and evaluates your project and gives the URL so you can take a look.

If you like it, the task gives you assistence in setting up your badge and Travis configuration. If you don’t, well, at least you were able to find out without having to jump through all the hoops first.

What do you think? Tell me via Twitter or create an issue in the InchEx project!.