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Inch 0.5.2 released


After 11 release candidates (yeah, I know) we finally got to Inch 0.5.

It has always been my goal to apply Inch’s mechanics to other languages besides Ruby (which does not mean Ruby support was neglected in this release, see CHANGELOG for more info), so the exciting news is that this release contains the necessary refactorings to support more languages besides Ruby. Specifically, it brings Elixir support via InchEx. Furthermore, all of this has the potential to be integrated into Inch CI in the future.


InchEx is a wrapper to use Inch with an Elixir codebase. It provides Mix tasks to use Inch for Elixir codebases without having the Ruby dependencies installed. Later it will be used to report stats to Inch CI. The plan is to provide badges for READMEs, just as we did with Ruby:

Inline docs

I am really excited about these releases, as they lay the ground work for an interesting future for Inch and Inch CI. Thanks to all contributors and bug reporters for their feedback and hard work!

P.S. Inch CI breached 350 projects using its badges this morning! Yay!

P.P.S. Trying to start a discussion about the integration of Elixir into Inch CI.