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Announcing Inch CI

Inch is about five months old. It is a tool that analyses your inline-docs to tell you where your inline code documentation can benefit from some love:

Today, this will be complemented by a new service: Inch CI

At the time of Inch’s release, I wrote this:

As I pointed out in my previous post, documentation sometimes seems like the step-child in code metrics, static analysis and – last but not least – awareness. My frustration regarding this matter let to the creation of a command-line tool to help people improve the documentation of their Ruby projects.

Today I can add:

My excitement about the feedback on Inch let to the creation of a CI service, which enables people to (a) use Inch without being a command-line afficionado and (b) display badges in their README to show that they care about documentation.

Build Status Code Climate Inline docs Docs FTW!

Check it out: http://inch-ci.org

To all participants in the original Inch Pages project: Thanks a million! This would not have been possible without your encouragement, constructive feedback and kind words.